Sunday, February 25 – 11 AM

At Center Stage Kids - 503 Bangs Ave. Suite A (in the second row of buildings)

Be a part of the of one of the greatest musicals of all time on the professional stage at the Gallo Center for the Arts!

How to prepare: Here are some things you can do to prepare for the audition – 1) Read the script – available at the reference desk at the county library. 2) Watch the movie with John Travolta. 3) Prepare a one minute (no more) song, either from the show or one of your own choice. If you know a character you want to audition for, learn one minute of the character’s song. You don’t have to memorize the song and you can do it without piano accompaniment. The songs are at the back of the script book. You can make a copy to take home for practice. For dancing, there is nothing to prepare. Not all the characters sing solo or dance. You can be part of the fun chorus!

 2018 SEASON


Jekyll and Hyde

LegetjBabytilbehrLegetj og Brnetj